Hi ! i'm so thrilled to have my website up! It seems a long time since i started dreaming and working to put all of this together and its finally here. I didn't get here by myself, so i would like to dedicate the first post of this blog to the beautiful people that helped me from the beginning.

First off, my husband Shawn and amazing kids Lucas, Eva and Adrian. They are my life, i love them more than words can express. They are my anchor.

My mom and sister, thank you, for loving me unconditionally, help me and always believe in me. They are my guardian angels on earth. I'm so blessed by them.

Alexis Foster, lead designer and owner of Leaf it to Lexi floral designs. Alexis thank you for being such and amazing friend. I look up to you as a flower designer and as a person. You are one of the strongest moms and woman i know, a total inspiration. Thank you!

Catherine and Mike McEntire, thank you for being such a good friends and all your help, the kids love you!.

Hanh Nguyen, an amazing wedding photographer and owner of Lucid impressions photography. Is such a breath of fresh air to meet somebody so talented and humble at the same time. I'm so happy i can work with you. Thank you Hanh!!

And that's a wrap folks! can't wait to be able to post everything that is going on with my flower design career and share all the beautiful flower designs with you.